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Welcome to California Mathematics Council - South’s 2016 57th Annual Conference Program!
This year’s conference is in Fabulous Palm Springs, Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5!
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Pathways to College
Department Head Middle School Math Teacher
Friday, November 4





Saturday, November 5


540: Fractions Don't Have to Be Frustrating Hard Rock-Roxy 541: Beyond Invert & Multiply: Make Sense of Fraction Computation Hard Rock-Woodstock Three 542: Fraction Numbers Lines—Your New BFF Renaissance-Cactus 561: Pattern Blocks: The Forgotten Tool In Middle School! PSCC-Mesquite A 562: Connecting Student Ideas About Operating with Zero to Slope PSCC-Mesquite D 563: So You Want to Go into Modeling? PSCC-Smoke Tree A 582: Understanding Algebraic Functions—Going Deeper Hilton-Plaza B 584: Creating Differentiated Materials is Easier Than You Think. Hilton-Plaza D 585: Digging Into Mathematical Modeling (Insect Classification) PSCC-Mesquite B 588: How Do We Know If Students Really Understand? PSCC-Primrose C 590: Modeling Mathematics in Algebra PSCC-Smoke Tree B 591: Enhancing Algebra and Geometry: Transformations in Geogebra PSCC-Smoke Tree F 550: Reading Reasoning and Writing to Deepen Math Understanding Hilton-Horizon II 552: STEM Behind Football Activity Investigation and Application PSCC-Smoke Tree D 511: Where's the Math? PSCC-Mesquite C 531: Place Value Models: Developing Algorithm Understanding Renaissance-Chino B 533: Beyond Fluency—Deepening Knowledge About What Students Know Renaissance-Santa Rosa 508: Changing Teacher Practices: Teaching 101 to PD 101 Renaissance-Chino A 520: Fact Fluency: Sparking a Deeper Understanding with Families Hard Rock-Palladium South 521: Pattern and Place Value Connections Hard Rock-Roxy Two 522: Number Sense and a Love of Math Pre-K to Grade 3 Hard Rock-Woodstock One