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This year’s conference is in Fabulous Palm Springs, Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5!
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Friday, November 4

8:30am PDT

100: Using Technology to Increase Conceptual Understanding in Algebra and Geometry PSCC-Primrose A 140: Deepen Fractional Thinking Within a Blended 'Learning Pit' PSCC-Mesquite A 141: Mini-Assessments: Shine a Light on Student Understanding Renaissance-Andreas 142: Using William's Taxonomy to Spark Deeper Understanding Renaissance-Pueblo B 143: Buddy Teachers + Buddy Classrooms = Math Success Hilton-Horizon I 144: Sparking Deeper Understanding of Fractions for Every Student Hilton-Horizon II 145: Counting Collections: Developing Number Sense with Fractions Hilton-Plaza C 160: Proportional Reasoning: 3 Strategies to Spark Engagement PSCC-Mesquite D 161: Use Cubes as a Setting for Your Problem Solving PSCC-Mesquite H 162: Rich Real World Problems PSCC-Primrose B 163: Algebra Intervention Rigor Problem Solving and the CCSS Renaissance-Catalina 180: Close Reading with Graphs Hard Rock-Palladium North 181: Writing Activities That Help Deepen Student Understanding Hard Rock-Palladium South 182: Using Proofs in AP Calc to Spark Engagement & Understanding Hard Rock-Roxy 183: 5 Fantastic Activities for Stats Hard Rock-Roxy One 184: Conceptual to Procedural: Reversing Your Ideas of Inverse PSCC-Mesquite B 185: Deepening Algebraic Thinking and Understanding PSCC-Mesquite E 186: What Math is Important in “Algebra II and PreCalculus”? PSCC-Mesquite F 187: Sparking the SMPs—Make Sense Reason and Model PSCC-Smoke Tree B 189: Constructions Portfolio: Spark it Digitally Renaissance-Sierra 150: At the Intersection of Not Very-Traveled Roads Hard Rock-Woodstock One 151: Language Thinking and Mathematics Hard Rock-Woodstock Three 152: How to Do Groupwork Poorly...Or Not (The Sequel) Hard Rock-Woodstock Two 154: Deeper Understanding for High School Special Ed Students PSCC-Smoke Tree A 110: Analyzing Strong Math Instructional Practices through Video PSCC-Mesquite G 111: Model Classrooms: Innovating with Technology and Mathematics PSCC-Smoke Tree E 112: Create Dynamic Digital Learning Experiences with Google PSCC-Smoke Tree F 113: Fostering Problem Solving Renaissance-Madera 114: Design Thinking To Spark Creativity and Deeper Understanding Renaissance-Mojave Lrng Ctr 116: Mathematics + Integrated ELD = Access and Deep Understanding Renaissance-Santa Rosa 130: How Do They Relate? Teaching Students to Connect Ideas Hilton-Palm Canyon 131: Speed Kills...Student Achievement: What's the Alternative? Hilton-Tapestry 132: Sparking Deeper Understanding in ELs: It Is Possible! PSCC-Mesquite C 133: Promoting Depth Through Students' Representations Renaissance-Chino B 135: How can we use district math tasks as formative assessments? PSCC-Smoke Tree D 109: Supporting Teachers to Deepen Classroom Discourse Renaissance-Pueblo A 120: Growth Mindset in a CGI Inspired Classroom Hard Rock-Roxy Two 121: Kindergarten—The Initial Hook of a Math Journey Hilton-Plaza A 122: Our CGI Journey Hilton-Plaza B 123: Developing Mathematical Concepts for ALL Early Learners Hilton-Plaza D 124: Implementing Number Talks in the Primary Classroom Renaissance-San Jacinto 125: Rock Your Math Class Renaissance-Ventura 129: Fact Fluency: Sparking a Deeper Understanding with Families Hard Rock-Club 107: Digital Tools + Three-Act Tasks: Marriages Made in the Cloud PSCC-Primrose C 108: CCSSM: Please Invite Me into Your Lesson Renaissance-Chino A 199: Hands-On with SumBlox a New Stem Math Tool & Toy Renaissance-Cactus

10:30am PDT

200: Rigorous Teaching and Learning—Sparking Students’ Passions PSCC-Primrose B 201: Connecting Data to Instruction—Looking at Smarter Balanced Items & Responses to Inform Instruction PSCC-Primrose C 202: What is Academic Rigor in the Primary Classroom? PSCC-Primrose A 240: Parent Voice and Knowledge in the Elementary Math Classroom Hilton-Plaza A 241: Station Teaching in Action: Unpacking Meaning of Fraction PSCC-Mesquite A 243: Creating Conversation and Communication in Math Renaissance-Mojave Lrng Ctr 244: Multiplication Fact Fluency Built on Understanding Renaissance-Santa Rosa 245: Number and Operations Using Manipulatives Renaissance-Andreas 260: Perseverance Problem-Solving Strategies for Understanding Hard Rock-Palladium North 261: Engaging Area Explorations that Create Understanding Hard Rock-Roxy Two 262: Ratios Rates and Fractions Oh My! Hard Rock-Woodstock Two 263: Build Conceptual Understanding Using a Clothesline Hilton-Palm Canyon 264: Guiding Students to Those Aha Moments Without the Ughh! Hilton-Tapestry 265: Expressions and Equations: 3 Strategies to Spark Engagement PSCC-Mesquite D 266: Number Talks—You Can Start Next Week!! PSCC-Mesquite G 267: Meaningful Teaching of Integers Expressions and Equations PSCC-Mesquite H 270: STEM on a Shoestring Renaissance-Catalina 271: Deeper Understanding of NGSS in CCSS Math for Middle School Renaissance-San Jacinto 272: Multiple Representations to Support Modeling Renaissance-Ventura 280: Advanced Algebra with Finance: A 3rd-4th Year Math Option Hard Rock-Palladium South 281: AP Calculus—My Favorite Class! Hard Rock-Roxy 282: Be Careful What You Ask For! Questioning for Understanding PSCC-Mesquite B 283: Increasing Access to AP Calculus with Vertical Planning PSCC-Mesquite E 284: AP Calculus: Connecting and Developing Math Practices PSCC-Mesquite F 285: The Struggle is Real (World) PSCC-Smoke Tree A 286: Promoting Productive Struggle Through Proofs in Geometry PSCC-Smoke Tree D 287: From Seeing Dots to Lewis Carroll Renaissance-Sierra 250: No Heads or Tails: The Juicy Middle of Real Word Problems Hard Rock-Woodstock One 251: Battling Zombies with STEM Strategies PSCC-Smoke Tree B 252: Using FREE Technology to Increase and Assess Understanding PSCC-Smoke Tree E 253: Engaging Formative Assessment Techniques with Technology Hard Rock-Club 209: Promoting Productive Discourse = Deeper Mathematics Learning PSCC-Smoke Tree C 210: Square Progression Hard Rock-Roxy One 230: Formative Assessment Practices in CGI Hilton-Plaza C 231: Using Questioning to Spark Deeper Understanding Hilton-Plaza D 232: Fluency: More Than Facts! PSCC-Mesquite C 233: Don’t Wait: Create Math Curriculum on Your iPad Now! PSCC-Smoke Tree F 235: iRobot! Do You? Hard Rock-Woodstock Three 207: Leading Coaches: Vision Teamwork and Implementation Renaissance-Pueblo A 208: Changing the Game: Redefining District Assessments Renaissance-Chino A 220: Oh the Math That They'll Know! K–2 Post Game Activities Hilton-Horizon I 221: Making Sense of Addition & Subtraction Through Literature Hilton-Horizon II 222: Teacher Moves to Differentiate Your CGI Math Lesson Hilton-Plaza B 224: Sparking Deeper Understanding with Lesson Study Renaissance-Chino B 225: Measurement and Data Oh My! Renaissance-Pueblo B 299: Sparking Students' Understanding of Computational Fluency Renaissance-Cactus

1:30pm PDT

300: Teaching Mathematics: Reflections and Insights on >1000 Classroom Observations PSCC-Primrose B 301: Scaffolding Students Towards Authentic Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Primrose C 302: Conferring and Questioning to Spark Deeper Understanding PSCC-Primrose A 340: Involve ALL in Meaningful Algebraic Thinking Experiences Hilton-Horizon I 341: IGNITE Your Math Class with MATH TALKS! Hilton-Palm Canyon 342: Understanding the Scale Factor Hilton-Plaza A 343: Mathematics a Verb?! Hilton-Plaza B 344: Catching Students Up on Fractions Without Reteaching Hilton-Plaza D 345: Thinking Critically About Math: Comparing and Connecting PSCC-Smoke Tree E 346: Unraveling Whole Numbers and Fractions on the Number Line Renaissance-Andreas 347: Understand Division: From the Area Model to the Algorithm Renaissance-Chino B 348: Fluency Discourse and Standards for Mathematical Practice Renaissance-Pueblo B 349: Fire Up Your Students for Fractions with Number Talks Renaissance-Santa Rosa 304: Classroom Technology: Keep it Simple Make it Meaningful! Hard Rock-Club 360: Using Algebra Tiles to Spark Deeper Understanding Hard Rock-Palladium North 361: Did You Say Transformations or Transformers? PSCC-Mesquite A 363: The Power of Feedback PSCC-Mesquite H 364: Division of Fractions Through Problem Progressions PSCC-Smoke Tree A 365: Creating a Puppy—A Transformational Geometry Activity PSCC-Smoke Tree B 380: Making Sense of Inference for Sampling and Experiments Hard Rock-Roxy 381: Introducing the 4th-Year HS Math Course Hard Rock-Roxy One 382: Identifying & Creating Quality HS Tasks to Motivate Students Hard Rock-Woodstock One 383: Digging Into Mathematical Modeling (Insect Classification) PSCC-Mesquite B 384: Exciting and Valuable Assessments PSCC-Mesquite E 385: Intuition to Formal Math: Engaging Contexts Spark Learning PSCC-Mesquite F 387: Getting High School Students to Communicate Mathematically Renaissance-Sierra 350: Linear Functions Roadmap: Making Connections Across Grades Hard Rock-Roxy Two 351: Survey Said! Playing Family Feud to Spark Engagement Hard Rock-Woodstock Three 353: Googlizing a Math Unit..Putting the FUN Back in Fundamental! PSCC-Mesquite G 354: Looking Deeper: the Interplay Between Math Tech and Art PSCC-Smoke Tree D 355: Using Google Forms for Quick Formative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree F 357: Practical Technology Integration to Make Your Life Easier Hard Rock-Woodstock Two 362: 5 Steps to a Growth Mindset Culture in Co-Teach Classes PSCC-Mesquite D 310: Student Self-Assessment for Deeper Understanding Hard Rock-Palladium South 330: A Parent’s Guide for Thinking Tools: The Number Line K–5 Hilton-Horizon II 331: Code Code Code Your Bot Gently Down The STEAM! Hilton-Tapestry 332: Using Hundreds Charts—It's For More Than Just Counting PSCC-Mesquite C 320: Counting & Number Sense with Young Children Hilton-Plaza C 321: Math is All Around Us: Exploring the World with Mathematics Renaissance-Mojave Lrng Ctr 322: The Hundred Chart—Not Just a Wall Ornament! Renaissance-San Jacinto 323: Supporting the Development of Young Children's Counting PSCC-Smoke Tree C 333: More Math Please! Renaissance-Ventura 309: Essential Math Concepts for Preservice Teachers PreK–6 Renaissance-Pueblo A 399: STEAMING Through the Months: It's Elementary Renaissance-Cactus

3:30pm PDT

401: From Counting to Problem Solving: Supporting the Development of Understanding for Each Student PSCC-Primrose C 400: Facilitating Meaningful Discourse in Mathematics Classroom PSCC-Primrose A 402: Letting Go: Cultivating Agency and Authority in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom PSCC-Primrose B 406: CAMTE Business Meeting Renaissance-Pueblo A 440: Connect Multiple Representations: Make Sense of Computation Hard Rock-Palladium South 442: An Expanded Role for Equations Hilton-Plaza B 443: Spark Connections and Deepen Number Flexibility with Games! PSCC-Mesquite C 444: One Tool! So Much Depth for Multiplication & Fractions! Renaissance-Mojave Lrng Ctr 445: Glittering Fractions Renaissance-Pueblo B 446: Spark a Love of Math Through the Use of Digital Portfolios Renaissance-Santa Rosa 460: Identifying & Creating Quality MS Tasks to Motivate Students Hard Rock-Woodstock One 461: Using Proportions as a Solid Foundation for Linear Functions Hard Rock-Woodstock Three 462: Noodling (Note taking + Doodling) for Understanding Hilton-Horizon I 463: My Favorite Math Contest Problems Hilton-Plaza D 464: Teaching with Tasks—Sparking Deeper Student Understanding PSCC-Mesquite D 465: Growth Mindset in a Blended Learning Environment PSCC-Smoke Tree E 466: Building Complexity from Simple Little Pattern Blocks Renaissance-Chino B 480: Mastering AP Statistics Multiple-Choice Questions Hard Rock-Roxy 482: Using Algebra Tiles to Spark Deeper Understanding Hard Rock-Woodstock Two 483: Stretching the Truth and Shifting the Blame PSCC-Mesquite E 484: Look Who's Talking! Mathematics Discourse in the Classroom PSCC-Mesquite F 485: The Struggle is Real (World) PSCC-Smoke Tree A 486: Toward Deeper Understanding of Exponential Functions PSCC-Smoke Tree B 487: Upgrade Your Card Sorts PSCC-Smoke Tree D 489: Algebra & Functions: Look for Structure & Repeated Reasoning Renaissance-Sierra 490: Use Innovative Feedback! Spark Relationship & Understanding Hard Rock-Roxy One 403: Knocking Down Barriers With Technology Hard Rock-Club 450: What Could Go Wrong? (Addressing Math Misconceptions) Hard Rock-Palladium North 451: Engage Students: Increasing Opportunities to Respond (OTRs) Hard Rock-Roxy Two 452: Classroom Dessert: Real Assessment Isn’t What You Think PSCC-Mesquite B 453: Weapons of Math Instruction...APPSolutely PSCC-Mesquite G 454: The Truth About Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Mesquite H 456: Clash of Systems: Using Clash of Clans to Explore Maths PSCC-Smoke Tree C 457: Integrating Technology in the Math Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree F 430: Ignite Deeper Understanding: Educating Your Parent Community Hilton-Plaza A 431: Interventions that Ignite Understanding Renaissance-San Jacinto 408: Coaching/Being Coached for Rigor: Essential Elements Renaissance-Chino A 409: Cross-District Collaboration to Align PD for Maximum Impact Renaissance-Andreas 420: Accessible Problem Solving for ALL K–2 Students Hilton-Horizon II 422: Mathematical Lenses: Learning How Students See Math Hilton-Tapestry 423: The Nimble Number Line PSCC-Mesquite A 425: Performance Tasks in the Primary Classroom Hilton-Plaza C 426: LET'S EXPLORE THE CORE—with Math on the Floor! Renaissance-Ventura 499: 1 2 3—Move with Me! Integrating Math and Physical Activity Renaissance-Cactus

5:15pm PDT

Saturday, November 5

8:30am PDT

500: Number Talks and the Standards for Mathematical Practice: Teachers and Students Learning Together PSCC-Primrose A 501: Principles for Building and Using Effective Digital Tasks PSCC-Primrose B 540: Fractions Don't Have to Be Frustrating Hard Rock-Roxy 541: Beyond Invert & Multiply: Make Sense of Fraction Computation Hard Rock-Woodstock Three 542: Fraction Numbers Lines—Your New BFF Renaissance-Cactus 543: Strip Models Tape Diagrams Bar Models Oh My! Renaissance-Pueblo B 544: EXPLORE THE CORE—with Math on the Floor! Renaissance-Ventura 560: Model-Eliciting Activities in Middle School Hilton-Tapestry 561: Pattern Blocks: The Forgotten Tool In Middle School! PSCC-Mesquite A 562: Connecting Student Ideas About Operating with Zero to Slope PSCC-Mesquite D 563: So You Want to Go into Modeling? PSCC-Smoke Tree A 564: Fantasy Baseball: An Authentic Performance Task PSCC-Smoke Tree C 565: Take Your Places Renaissance-Catalina 580: AP Stats 2016 Walk Thru Hilton-Palm Canyon 581: Discrete Math Modeling: Learn Understand and Use! Hilton-Plaza A 582: Understanding Algebraic Functions—Going Deeper Hilton-Plaza B 583: Making Sense of Statistics in Algebra 2 Hilton-Plaza C 584: Creating Differentiated Materials is Easier Than You Think. Hilton-Plaza D 585: Digging Into Mathematical Modeling (Insect Classification) PSCC-Mesquite B 586: Rich Tasks: Collaboration and Conceptual Understanding PSCC-Mesquite F 587: It's Not About Answers—Mistakes Deepen Student Understanding PSCC-Mesquite H 588: How Do We Know If Students Really Understand? PSCC-Primrose C 590: Modeling Mathematics in Algebra PSCC-Smoke Tree B 591: Enhancing Algebra and Geometry: Transformations in Geogebra PSCC-Smoke Tree F 592: Statistics in Int 3: Be Random & Normal...w/ Margin for Error Renaissance-Sierra 550: Reading Reasoning and Writing to Deepen Math Understanding Hilton-Horizon II 551: The Clothesline: Statistics on the Number Line PSCC-Mesquite E 552: STEM Behind Football Activity Investigation and Application PSCC-Smoke Tree D 553: Debate in the Math Classroom to Spark Deeper Understanding Renaissance-Andreas 510: Strategies to Help Struggling Students Become Algebra Ready Hard Rock-Palladium North 511: Where's the Math? PSCC-Mesquite C 512: Starting A Math Fight PSCC-Mesquite G 513: Algebra: Why is it Destroying America Renaissance-Madera 514: Lesson Study to Build Social Justice Goals Renaissance-Pueblo A 530: Engage Parents in Learning Through Family Math Nights Hard Rock-Woodstock Two 531: Place Value Models: Developing Algorithm Understanding Renaissance-Chino B 532: Gaining Deeper Understanding with a Coaching Relationship Renaissance-San Jacinto 533: Beyond Fluency—Deepening Knowledge About What Students Know Renaissance-Santa Rosa 593: Exploring Planes Vectors and Curves in 3D PSCC-Smoke Tree E 508: Changing Teacher Practices: Teaching 101 to PD 101 Renaissance-Chino A 509: Districtwide CGI Implementation Hard Rock-Roxy One 520: Fact Fluency: Sparking a Deeper Understanding with Families Hard Rock-Palladium South 521: Pattern and Place Value Connections Hard Rock-Roxy Two 522: Number Sense and a Love of Math Pre-K to Grade 3 Hard Rock-Woodstock One 523: Composing & Decomposing For Deeper Understanding of + & – Hilton-Horizon I 524: Ten Frames Number Lines Rekenreks: Tools for Thinking Renaissance-Mojave Lrng Ctr

10:29am PDT

10:30am PDT

601: Building a Coherent Teacher-Owned Middle School Curriculum PSCC-Primrose C 603: 'In the Position of Possibility' Many Mini Lessons—Teaching and Learning in the Urban Classroom Renaissance-Catalina 600: Adding Talk to the Leadership Teaching and Math Equation PSCC-Primrose B 602: Make Failure Cheap: We All Take Risks Here PSCC-Primrose A 640: Personalized Learning with Technology Hard Rock-Palladium South 641: Talk Number to Me: Fraction Number Strings Hard Rock-Roxy Two 642: Number Lines for Place Value Fractions Decimals & Percent Hard Rock-Woodstock Two 643: Walk the Number Line With Research-Based Results! Renaissance-Mojave Lrng Ctr 660: What to Do When Group Work Isn’t Working Hilton-Plaza C 661: Building in Supports for English Learners in OER Curriculum Hilton-Tapestry 662: Who is Doing math? PSCC-Mesquite D 664: Screencasting and Accountability in a 1:1 or BYOD Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree E 680: Sparking Deeper Understanding with Simulations in Statistics Hilton-Palm Canyon 681: Discrete Math Modeling: Learn Understand and Use! Hilton-Plaza A 685: Cafe Patternea: a Project-Based Introduction to Algebra PSCC-Mesquite F 687: AP CS Principles: Improving STEM Diversity and Understanding PSCC-Mesquite G 651: Deeper Understanding Sparked by Univ/District Collaboration Hilton-Horizon II 652: The Clothesline: Geometry on the Number Line PSCC-Mesquite E 653: Math Is Fun—As We Rise with Common Core Math Pedagogy PSCC-Smoke Tree C 654: Fabulous Google 'Form'-ative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree F 656: Teach Problem Solving Strategies So ALL Succeed in Algebra Renaissance-Pueblo A 611: Create & Engage: Math Lessons with Multimedia PSCC-Smoke Tree D 612: Using Metacognition to Develop Growth Mindset Renaissance-Cactus 613: Co-Plan Go Teach: Maximize Teachers' Collaborative Nature Renaissance-Santa Rosa 614: Math Ed Advocacy Strategies for Parents & Key Stakeholders Renaissance-Ventura 630: Going Beyond Buzz Words: Rigor in the Mathematics Classroom Hard Rock-Roxy 631: Using Number Talks to Empower Student Learners PSCC-Mesquite A 632: From Access to Ownership: Supporting Our ELs in Math PSCC-Mesquite C 634: The CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction) Classroom Renaissance-Chino B 635: Sparking Algebraic Thinking and Problem Solving Without X’s Renaissance-San Jacinto 620: CGI with Young Children: Stories to Problems Hard Rock-Palladium North 621: Extending Counting to Problem Solving in Early Childhood Hard Rock-Roxy One 622: Developing Competency for Essential Pre-K and K Math Skills Hard Rock-Woodstock One 623: SUBITIZING! A QUICK RECOGNITION OF QUANTITIES Hard Rock-Woodstock Three 624: Deepen Student Understanding by Connecting Representations PSCC-Mesquite H 625: To Number Bonds...And Beyond! PSCC-Smoke Tree A 608: Practices Practices & More Practices—A Focus on Teaching Renaissance-Sierra 609: Make the Way: Student Agency Authority and Identity Renaissance-Chino A

1:14pm PDT

1:15pm PDT

702: The Whole Problem-Solving Process: Traversing Gaps Between Thinking Talking Writing and Typing Renaissance-Catalina 700: Boost Conceptual Understanding & Procedural Fluency with Rich Number-Sense Tasks PSCC-Primrose A 701: From Arithmetic to Algebra—and Beyond PSCC-Primrose C 703: Equally Important as Real World: Proof and Reason Renaissance-Andreas 704: Leadership and Classroom Pedagogy Leading to Student Proficiency for ALL in Mathematics Renaissance-San Jacinto 740: Integrating Algebraic Thinking: the Power of a Routine Hard Rock-Palladium South 741: Building Measurement Lessons While Moving Full STEAM Ahead Hard Rock-Roxy 743: Teaching Students to Make Conjectures Renaissance-Pueblo A 744: Sparking Deeper Understanding Through Real-World Problems Renaissance-Pueblo B 760: Fluency Founded on Number Sense Hard Rock-Palladium North 761: Math—When Will We Ever Use It? Hilton-Horizon I 762: Evening the Playing Field Through Facts Fluency Development Hilton-Horizon II 763: Revolutionize Your Class One Open-Ended Question at a Time Hilton-Plaza A 764: THE PATCH “CORE” QUILT Hilton-Tapestry 765: Begin Your Class with a Bang! PSCC-Mesquite D 767: Sparking Understanding Using Authentic Problem Solving PSCC-Smoke Tree A 768: Designing OER Digitally Enhanced Lessons PSCC-Smoke Tree E 780: Shifting Cognitive Load Through Geometric Transformations Hilton-Plaza B 781: Well-Designed Collaborative Groups+Modeling=Math Practices Hilton-Plaza C 782: Trigonometry and the Ferris Wheel PSCC-Mesquite B 784: Interactive Review Games That Ignite the Spark Renaissance-Cactus 785: Use Statistics to Understand the World Around You Renaissance-Sierra 750: Significance Tests Are More Than Just a P-value Hilton-Palm Canyon 751: The Mathematics of Voting Hilton-Plaza D 752: Student Discourse—Let the Students Do the Thinking PSCC-Mesquite F 753: Surviving the Apocalypse...with Math PSCC-Mesquite G 754: Ignite Math Literacy with Interactive Notebooks! PSCC-Mesquite H 755: Yes You Can Math Teachers! Collect Your Own Data! PSCC-Smoke Tree B 756: Using Formative Data to Facilitate Teacher-Led Workshops PSCC-Smoke Tree C 757: Math Tech-Toolkit PSCC-Smoke Tree D 758: Ignite Algebra with Activities and Assessment Renaissance-Mojave Lrng Ctr 759: Language Thinking and Mathematics Renaissance-Santa Rosa 710: Coherence of Ratios & Proportions Through Student Thinking PSCC-Mesquite C 708: Unpacking the Language of Mathematics PSCC-Mesquite E 730: Spark Deeper Understanding of Student Thinking in Base Ten Hard Rock-Roxy One 731: It's All About that Task No Trouble Hard Rock-Roxy Two 732: Model with Mathematics: Why What and How Hard Rock-Woodstock Three 733: Parents Discover The Treasures of Sense-Making Strategies! Hard Rock-Woodstock Two 734: Go Digital with Go Math! PSCC-Smoke Tree F 720: Developing Competency for Gr 1 and 2 Essential Math Skills Hard Rock-Woodstock One 721: Using Anchor Tasks in the Common Core Classroom PSCC-Mesquite A 722: Sparking Deeper Understanding through Subitizing Games Renaissance-Chino B 709: “I’m Not Really a Math Person”: Coaching Anxious Teachers” Renaissance-Chino A

3:15pm PDT

800: Math is Power not Punishment PSCC-Primrose A 841: Promoting Discourse and Conceptual Understanding Hilton-Tapestry 844: True or False? 4 hundreds + 14 tens > 50 + 400 Renaissance-Chino B 849: What Do You Mean 'Let Them Have FUN?' PSCC-Mesquite A 860: 10 Challenging Problems and P-S Strategies to Solve Them Hilton-Horizon I 861: Give Them Something to Talk About Hilton-Plaza A 862: Developing Students Algebraic Thinking and Academic Language Hilton-Plaza C 863: Shorten Your Scope and Sequence Without Sacrificing Content PSCC-Mesquite F 880: What If? Structured Questioning for Understanding Hilton-Palm Canyon 883: Fostering High School Teachers' Changes in Practice PSCC-Mesquite E 885: Empowering and Creating Mathematicians PSCC-Primrose C 887: Creating Connections for Struggling Learners of Algebra Renaissance-Ventura 890: Developing an Understanding of Sampling Variability Renaissance-Andreas 850: Engagement Strategies for the Common Core Classroom Hilton-Plaza D 851: Understanding a Deep Number Structure via Doubling PSCC-Mesquite B 852: The Hyperbolic Paraboloid: A Deeper Understanding PSCC-Mesquite D 853: Structures for Differentiating PSCC-Mesquite H 854: Discover Transformational Geometry in 15 Seconds Grades 8–11 PSCC-Smoke Tree B 855: Promoting Deeper Understanding Through Digital Activities PSCC-Smoke Tree E 856: Fostering a Deep Understanding of Functions with Desmos PSCC-Smoke Tree F 857: Two-Way Frequency Tables: Teaching a New Statistics Standard Renaissance-Catalina 858: Magic Tricks Teaching Pre-Algebra and Algebra Renaissance-Pueblo B 859: Building Classroom Culture: Restorative Justice and Circles Renaissance-Sierra 832: Warm-ups to Ignite Mathematical Discourse PSCC-Smoke Tree D 833: Supporting ELs’ Problem Solving and Understanding Renaissance-Pueblo A 808: Engaging and Interactive Math Parent Nights Renaissance-Chino A 809: Coaching for Equity Renaissance-Cactus 823: Don’t be Quick to Count-On: Teaching with Deep Understanding PSCC-Mesquite G 825: Developing Mathematical Concepts for ALL Early Learners PSCC-Mesquite C 826: Fostering Independence in a Problem-Based Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree A 827: Deepen Understanding Through Purposeful Questioning PSCC-Smoke Tree C 828: Going Deep for Understanding Place Value! Renaissance-Mojave Lrng Ctr 829: 15 Problem Types? Helping Students Make Sense of Operations Renaissance-San Jacinto